How To Prevent a Burglary From Reoccurring.

There is a disturbing trend among many property managers whose consent to allow handymen to install locks on doors about rental properties are jeopardising the safety and security of their tenants. Any such work must be carried out by a licensed locksmith who holds a minimum Class 4. Class stands for Complete Lock And Safe Services. This state requirement, however, does not include the installation of the typical key in knob set which is the only type of lock that is not required to be fitted by a Licensed Security Installer.

It appears many property managers across the state are unaware of this fact. Indeed there is confusion surrounding the need to employ Licensed Security Installers when lock works are required for any home or business premises. Installation of deadlocks, deadbolts, dead-latches, patio bolts, mortice locks and window locks must be undertaken by a Licensed Security Installer.

Changing Locks & Keys in a Rental Property

Rules about changing locks in a rental property are in place and can only be changed with permission obtained from the owner or via a court order. However, while the owner cannot, without the permission of the tenant change or remove any locks from the premises, does the security law apply to the landlord?

In the event of any failure by the landlord to secure a property and that property is burgled, it is then up to the landlord/owner, via the appearance before a court, to reimburse and replace any damaged or stolen property the tenant may have suffered. The minimum required security is either a deadlock, a patio bolt lock in the event a deadlock is not able to be installed or a lockable security screen door. All of the above could have been avoided. The laws for minimum levels of security have changed, and as of July 1, 2013, a list of locks and devices that must be installed in a premises is available to review.

It’s All About Protection And Security.

Based on common sense rather than regret, a qualified licensed locksmith knows exactly what he’s doing, and as a result, your job will be done quickly, thoroughly and efficiently.

The workmanship as expected will be of quality standard with the provision of warranty for products and workmanship which means above all else, peace of mind. Investing in the necessary skills, experience and qualifications of a reputable locksmith mean the work he has done is to the highest security standards that are placed intentionally to protect you, your family and your home and contents.

You’ll inherently know if the trades-person you are about to employ to do a job that is deemed highly secure is competent by the lack of a criminal record. There will be evidence of a well-established locksmith business with a proven track record that reflects its professional services. And if you’ve ever been in the unfortunate position of having lost your keys to your home, a locksmith will either re-key your house or replace the cylinders.

Whatever you do, however you decide to get the job done, ensuring you’ve done the right thing by employing a locksmith is ensuring your own safety.

How to Make it Tougher For Crooks

There is no such thing as a ploy to convince you to directly engage the services of a licensed locksmith, rather any surfacing hype is a timely reminder that when you make it tougher for crooks to enter your premises, your chances of retaining your valuables remain that much higher and your insurance Shut the burglar outpremiums have less of a tendency to rise dramatically. Chris Haliday, a licensed locksmith, understands the intimate mechanics of a lock better than the unlicensed jack-of-all-trades. Equipped with the tools of his trade, an extensive background in locksmithing and an inbuilt need to leave customers safe and secure, he believes in old-fashioned service.

He also carries a deep-seated belief that quality cannot be surpassed particularly when it comes to installing locks. All of the products Chris uses are backed by product warranty, and any work to be undertaken is first estimated to incorporate operation costs and then confirmed with an irrevocable quote on site before any work is commenced.

The Locksmiths Guild of Australia with whom Chris Haliday is a member has built its reputation on integrity. All LGA locksmith members will have completed a minimum of 3 years experience as a qualified locksmith and are fully aware of and execute the Code of Practice. These associates whose ethical standards are reflected through their services are regarded to be among the highest ranking tradespeople throughout Australia.

Services Provided to both Domestic and Business Customers:

  • Will advise you of the latest available security techniques
  • Will cut keys to locks should the original keys become lost or stolen
  • Will duplicate most key types
  • Will repair broken or faulty locks
  • Will maintain, service and repair all types of safes
  • Will introduce one key fits all locks where possible
  • Will unlock entry when you’ve been locked out

Locksmithing is a highly respected craft which under an unspoken law, obligates practitioners to never divulge any of the specialised knowledge they have undertaken to learn. Together with their innate honesty, a locksmith must keep any details of security equipment and or any records of their client’s systems stored securely thus preventing any breach that may give members of the public access and view.

Why You Must Call A Locksmith – Not A Handyman

When a handyman spruiks he can “Do It All” he’s flying a red flag. He mows grass, paints, does renovations when he’s not building houses and rearranges more than your furniture when you’re not looking. The advantage of calling your local locksmith is that he’s honest, reliable, has been trained by someone who gives a rip about safety and security and cares about the quality of his
work. And you’ll know if they’re any good because they don’t need to advertise.

All their work comes from word of mouth, and those magnets with phone numbers on their truck doors have been taken off because they were getting so many calls it was getting more difficult to be flat out. Qualified Licensed Locksmiths charge a competitive rate, not one that differs from the last lock exchange because they didn’t like the colour of her hair, or were so busy they decided they’d charge more just for the hell of it or because you called them at ‘beer o’clock’ and that’s just not the Australian thing to do. Consideration must come first in circumstances like that.

One thing that sieves the professionals from the jacks-of-all-trades is their approach to payment. When a handyman asks to be paid in cash, you’re left to wonder if he might not be declaring all his income and paying his share of taxes. So if he doesn’t have enough integrity to pay his taxes, do you think I’m going to receive quality work when I’m not looking? (See paragraph one in this section).

Ask yourself next time the need arises for a locksmith. Who are you gonna call?


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