Reasons To Call A Locksmith Immediately After You Purchase Your New Home

There’s something wonderfully satisfying about visualising your new slice of paradise. The space, the rooms, the alterations you’ll eventually make, the additions you’ll introduce and the memories you’ll make in your new home. But while you’re focused on the excitement of entering your new space, while you have everything short-listed and organised, did you know there may be one crucial element you have overlooked. Don’t be alarmed. It happens to many people, and it is something that is so easily understated but should be brought to the fore.

So what is all the fuss about?

A locksmith. You’re guaranteed peace of mind that you absolutely deserve on the day of your settlement when you have engaged the services of a locksmith.

Why Haven’t you called a locksmith to change the locks on your property?

Your investment is your realm, and your realm is your private kingdom. It is also a huge investment which is something that occurs to many of us only once or twice in a lifetime. It is your privacy, your space and your security. It is something that should not ever be compromised, and yet, so many people forget that the first Glass Door Lockthing they should do, before they do anything else, is to change the locks on their new home.

Imagine that composition of magical moments when you finally cross the threshold and explore the vast empty spaces that you’re going to fill. Imagine how you’re going to begin to arrange your furniture. Imagine having unpacked the boxes that contain your treasured and most sentimental prized possessions. It is a spellbinding feeling knowing that at last, this little pocket of paradise is entirely yours.

Now the last thing you may imagine is how it could be invaded by the likes of strangers who witnessed the comings and goings of your home. The people who sold your pride and joy are the same people who made multiple copies of your keys. Those keys could be drifting from hand to hand. They will be the tools that lead to ease of entry to your new home. And while you were out celebrating over a glass of champagne and dinner at a restaurant, your privacy has been cleaned out of every conceivable treasure you had.

The disappointment and the invasion of privacy is only a small portion of what could have been avoided had you booked a locksmith.

Someone Else Has Your Keys

This scenario is real. It is not some made up narrative to have you running for your insurance papers to ensure your insurances are in order. It is a fact that during the fiscal year between 2015 and 2016 there were in excess of 28 thousand reported burglaries that occurred in homes like yours compared with just over 10 thousand entries to non-dwelling buildings. There was too much opportunity, and with keys in the wrong hands, too many of those hands made very light work.

Someone Else has Lived in Your Home

You’ve done it. Had house keys cut for your kids, spare keys made in case of the unavoidable self-lock out? But what about those keys you handed to a trusted friend who would house sit while you were away? What about the keys that went missing and were never found? What about the keys that were loaned, forgotten and never returned?

This sort of thing occurs to many people, and the people who sold their home to you are people who probably did the same thing.

Do you know if the home you’ve just purchased and settled was a rental property?

If it was, who has the keys? These are questions that are as vital as air. Do you know if the previous owners are honest? Are you confident there isn’t a set of house keys sitting on a hall stand in a property down the road, just waiting for the right opportunity to be employed in your front door? The chilling fact is there are people throughout Australia who have done exactly the same thing. There are thousands of keys to locks all over Western Australia. Regardless, they are still the most preferable tool for a burglar to use to gain effortless entry to your home.

People Are Clever

While you’re moving into your new home, inevitably there will be those little things or even those big things that you’ll want to buy. A few sticks of new furniture, a new TV for the wall, a microwave oven and a new espresso machine for the kitchen. Did you destroy the boxes these appliances came in or are they sitting beside the garage ready to
crush for the next recycling collection?

Those boxes make fantastic advertisements

By leaving those boxes in plain view, you’re letting the passer-by and the neighbourhood that your contents have been updated, and with that in mind, the savvy burglar has easy pickings. (Particularly if he has a key to your home.) All those smaller items are easily transported; they’re then pawned or sold at the markets for rapid cash.

Who Will You Call?

You’re going to call one of three people. The police Security Door Lockand insurance company after the deed. Or a reputable locksmith who also offers home security systems and while he’s installing new locks on your home will discuss where it is most vulnerable and what you want to protect.

Knowing you don’t require a sophisticated security system is also peace of mind when you understand that the thief is looking for quick entry and exit. When he’s aware that your home is securely protected, he’ll opt for one that offers a quick get away somewhere else.

Book Your Locksmith for Settlement Day

Peace of mind comes in many forms. When you’ve officially settled on your new home and the locksmith you booked to meet you on site is there to change the locks and install your security system, your moving day will be memorable for all the right reasons.

Knowing he’s not only a valued member of the Locksmiths Guild of Australia but a fully qualified and reliable locksmith, your peace of mind will come from discussing your requirements with the professionals at Greater Perth Lock & Security.


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