Budget Safes

What To Look Out For To Protect Your Most Valuable Possessions

Security is no longer a luxury and thousands of people across Australia are finding it is now an inescapable necessity.

Insurance premiums climb to staggering heights every time you make a claim so it stands to good reason why you should consider having a safe installed in your home or business premises. A safe is the most reliable option for storing valuables and documents, and your investment will determine what is cheap, what is fail-safe and what is secure as far as fire resistance is concerned.

However, we at Greater Perth Lock and Security suggest and highly recommend you ask yourself three questions before purchasing a safe.

  • Is a cheap safe going to be secure?
  • Will it deter the thief? And
  • Is it fireproof?

A cheap safe will keep your documents and valuables in a lockable space, but so will a filing cabinet.

How to Determine if You’re Purchasing a Quality Safe

1. When you tap the sides of the safe, what are you hearing? If it sounds hollow or tinny, it is highly likely it will be of poor quality workmanship and material.

Access will be easy with a drill bit or a small axe due to the light weight metal sheeting housing the contents. Solid steel greatly deters access.

2. Next, check to see if the digit pad has been glued to the face of the door. These applications are substandard and very easy to bypass, allowing effortless access. The wiring running through these poorly manufactured units is connected to a mini solenoid, and the spring locking system is of an inferior grade. In comparison to those safes whose wiring runs through two solid housings, investing in a safe of poor quality is asking for an invitation to have the lock bypassed.

How valuable are your valuables?

A cheap safe made from inferior materials will only store your cash, heirlooms and valuable contents from prying eyes. A qualified locksmith will advise you on the pros and cons of a cheap investment and not by any means is he attempting to sell you a particular brand of safe, but rather one that is going to meet your requirements.

As you will now be well aware if you have done your research, safes manufactured from quality, drill resistant steel that comprises Safe Lock bodies are your peace of mind. Naturally they will cost you a bit wall safemore because they are real quality but in the unfortunate case of a burglary the additional security components like Re-lockers, hard plates that are drill resistant and glass that has been placed between the internal lock assemblage and the safe door make it almost impossible for anything or anyone to penetrate from the exterior.

Anything that consumes time like a safe that refuses to be moved, penetrated or disengaged is a deterrent for a thief who is focused on rapid grab and get away. While a safe provides a secure location for important documents, cash, jewellery, family heirlooms and other valuables, it must be fire resistant. In the event of a fire, a well manufactured safe will impart high physical strength while greatly reducing the rate of heat transfer.

The interior chamber remains intact, while an expandable fire seal which has been fitted around the door, protects the contents of the safe from smoke, water and heat damage. The entire body contains an insulating barrier against fire, heat and combustion.

Why You Need a Qualified Locksmith to Open Your Safe

If you’ve ever had an experience wherein you employed an untrained locksmith to open your safe, chances are he will have either damaged or left it inoperable in his attempts to gain entry. Greater Perth Lock and Security, who are members of the Locksmiths Guild of Australia, are experienced and qualified technicians who, when necessary, will gain entry to your safe in the quickest, most cost-efficient way possible.

Safe installation, repairs and servicing together with changing locks or opening safes are what Greater Perth Lock and Security are all about. They know how to complete any safe service quickly and effectively because they specialise in residential and commercial locksmith services. Equipped with the latest safe opening and servicing tools, our fully qualified safe technicians use highly developed lighting devices, medical grade fibre optic video scope systems, magnetic drill press base and custom designed tools all specific to your application.

Greater Perth Lock and Security offer a range of maintenance and repair services for safes including:

  • Changing unlocking combinations and codes
  • Opening and or repairing safes that won’t unlock
  • Adjusting loose dials, hinges and bolts

If you require peace of mind in knowing that your safe is standing up to quality and standard, give us a call. It is the better part of valour to get professional advice rather than putting the security of your business or your valuables in peril.

We also provide:

  • Digital Safe Lock upgrades
  • Installations of all types of Safe Locks
  • Safe Bolt work repairs
  • Time Delay Locks
  • And will service and repair most brands of safes.

Conclusion – Locking it up

Consider the items you would keep in a fireproof safe:

  • Property insurance policies – You’re going to need this if your house suffers damage in a fire
  • Passports and original birth certificates
  • Prescription medications
  • External hard drive containing all computer records including family photos
  • Safe Deposit Box Keys
  • Retirement plans and banking account documents
  • Copies of wills and legal documents
  • Powers Of Attorney whom you have designated to carry out your wishes should anything happen to you.
  • Jewellery, coins, cash, valuables, spare keys to vehicles

To experience the integrity, quality of workmanship and delivery of service to all residential or commercial premises, give us a call.  If you’ve forgotten your combination code or even misplaced a set of keys; if you experience electronic lock failure or general emergency lockouts, Chris Haliday and his team guarantees fast, efficient and no fuss service.
All work is carried out with reliability and above all, confidence in your security.
Give Chris a call and experience the taste of professionalism that remains unsurpassed.


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